What ‘Solutions’ Signify to Grand Rapids Foam Technologies

With 65 years in the business, we’ve improved and refined our deft abilities to render the right solutions at Grand Rapids Foam Technologies. For our customers, we make sure to showcase our multi-faceted capabilities that turn concepts into reality.

Coalescing with showcasing our capabilities is our skill in working with the customer. To arrive at not only a solution but also the precise one, we make sure we’re asking the right questions to acquire a full understanding of what they expect. When it’s time to commence the process, we make sure to keep the customer involved so it’s a genuine working relationship.

With this kind of relationship, customization is a heavy factor in designing and creating solutions. The product and services we offer can’t be put into one box. We like to position ourselves as a one-stop shop for customers. We are even able to work with our supply chain partners and offer a complete subassembly – this includes wood, metal, plastic substrate, fasteners, toppers, packaging, and the ability to fabricate or assemble them all together.

Since we are so involved in every step of the process, we’ve become masters at offering turnkey solutions – a trait separating us from most other companies. For example, for one customer, we manufacture a sleep aid positioner that ships directly to retailers. Orders come through our company and we’ll check inventory of needed pieces – packaging, inserts, etc. – and assemble all the parts and pack it. Finally, we’ll insert it into a retail master pack and work with the retailer on where it needs to ship. In this instance, our customer is the sales and marketing arm and we’re the manufacturing and logistics arm.

This approach is fueled by the innovation running through our veins. As we master certain processes and solutions, we always remain open to the prospects of improvement and new solutions. This kind of commitment better enables our company to provide the solutions our customers require. Over the years, we’ve certainly compiled a large bag of tricks, but we don’t hesitate to explore other options like creating a new process or piece of equipment to complete the desired solution. Some times we even dig into our supply chain to extract a solution. If we hit a dead end, that means backing up and trying to find a different route.

Our approach also presents the opportunity for added-value solutions for our customers. Take our cut and sew capabilities, for example. In these instances, if a customer experiences an influx of orders, we are able to step in as upholstery fulfillment support for as long as needed.

For us, a solution doesn’t always mean something already offered. Arriving at a solution starts with the customer and trickles through a multitude of steps. It’s an added thrill when we get to explore new paths to render the necessary solution.

What ‘Solutions’ Signify to Grand Rapids Foam Technologies
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