Grand Rapids Foam Technologies and the Commitment to Being Committed

The drive to offer unprecedented value to customers is what has helped Grand Rapids Foam Technologies stay an innovative leader in the industry since being founded in 1949. The drive toward that value is fueled by commitment from not only company to customer but also company to employee and company to community.

With such an emphasis on commitment, Grand Rapids Foam Technologies lays the foundation by showcasing its own commitment to employees. By offering top-of-the-line benefits, promoting family-focused values, and implementing a proper support structure, commitment is ubiquitous within the company.

With that commitment, employees feel like they are part of a family at GRFT, which leads them to working closely together. This helps strengthen the path to success by leading to better, innovative results for the customer. GRFT goes all in for its customers by dedicating all the time and resources available to continue the climb to the next level of innovation and success. Passion is evident through this commitment, so the company is always pushing to meet new goals.

These goals often include finding innovative, turnkey solutions. Without commitment, you can become too comfortable and complacent, which hinders innovation. For GRFT, good is never enough. Turnkey solutions rendered from this commitment include servicing customer needs in a variety of diverse ways from providing components for product lines to offering fulfillment services. Some of these components you can’t find anywhere, as GRFT is constantly prototyping parts that are parlayed into production. Grand Rapids Foam Technologies is much more than a foam company.

With the commitment to being more than a foam company, you’ll find added value in multiple different forms offered at GRFT. From start to finish, there is a commitment to enhancing every step of the process for customers. GRFT offers fabrication steps, supply chain support, distribution services, and more.

Furthermore, GRFT seeks to be committed to its surrounding community. For example, when Fifth Third Ballpark was badly damaged from fire, GRFT donated time and resources to replace foam costumes that were destroyed. GRFT knows that committing to building a stronger community only helps it to continue to thrive in multiple facets within the business.

With support doled out to employees, customers, and the surrounding community, it’s evident that commitment is vital to the company. Through commitment, arrays of improvements are made throughout the company, whether it’s product quality or satisfied employees.

Grand Rapids Foam Technologies and the Commitment to Being Committed
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