Grand Rapids Foam Technologies Is Committed to Innovation

It’s easy to speak about innovation, but you need the results to back up the ambitious ability to stay ahead of the curve. Many companies bloviate about innovation, but at Grand Rapids Foam Technologies it’s sincere and evident.

Grand Rapids Foam Technologies was founded in 1949 and has been racing the curve ever since. The family-owned business is one of the largest custom polyurethane molders in North America. As the needs of their customers evolve, they evolve as well.

As an industry leader, Grand Rapids Foam Technologies cultivates innovation using the most technologically advanced production equipment available in the world. With the best equipment and driven employees, the company constantly finds ways to serve their customers with added value.

Innovation to the company is the ability to find new ways to help their customers not only in the present, but the future — by introducing them to new materials, processes, and capacities and beyond. The ability to continuously do this for their customers hinges on the company’s dedication to improving their own products, streamlining their processes, and integrating their own operating systems.

This dedication starts at the commitment to stay involved within the industry. Attending industry-related trade shows are a boost when looking for the newest and latest technologies or materials. For example, a recent trade show provided the company with the discovery of products made for the bedding industry that Grand Rapids Foam Technologies is now applying to some customers in non-bedding industries.

Furthermore, Grand Rapids Foam Technologies is active in developing partnerships with key customers and suppliers to drive innovation. By integrating with their suppliers and customers, they are all able to work together to solve problems and create new products or solutions. While customers may be working on developing new products, the company is able to work with suppliers to see what they can come up with to continue to meet the needs of the customers. By staying side by side with both, problems are solved and new ideas come to fruition. If the customer is successful, Grand Rapids Foam Technologies is successful.

While the dominoes to innovation sometimes start to fall by customers asking questions, Grand Rapids Foam Technologies also looks ahead to identify what is needed in the marketplace on their own. With the will to develop new technologies that can provide valuable impact across different industries, Grand Rapids Foam Technologies is innovating before customers ask them to innovate. With eyes not only on the present but also the future, stagnation is not welcomed.

Grand Rapids Foam Technologies Is Committed to Innovation
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