Experienced Office Furniture Foam Manufacturer

Grand Rapids Foam Technologies (GRFT) has been supplying furniture manufacturers with foam since 1949, and we understand the important roles our materials play in the satisfaction of customers and the manufacture of quality products.

Experienced Team

We are an experienced furniture foam manufacturer, and we have the technology, resources, and personnel needed to deliver high-quality products. When you use our team for your foam manufacturing needs, you can count on us to deliver finished results that emphasize ergonomic design. We even offer foam-to-board fabrication, hook and loop application, and other services designed to further reduce your costs.

Built for Productivity

No matter what type of home or office furniture you produce, you know that the right foam is needed to create a comfortable, long-lasting product. Given the amount of time that office workers spend sitting down, foam resilience and long-term comfort are especially noticeable, just as they are in our automotive foam. The high level of comfort from our foam means users can sit for longer periods of time without fatigue, resulting in increased productivity.

The professionals at GRFT are here to help when you need a reliable furniture foam manufacturer. Give us a call today to learn more!