Learn About Turnkey Solutions From An Experienced Custom Foam Manufacturer

With decades of experience serving as custom foam manufacturers, the team at Grand Rapids Foam Technologies (GRFT) is here to offer a variety of turnkey solutions. Our technology and dedicated personnel allow us to offer much more than polyurethane products. We can also provide your business with components such as adhesives, plastic, wood, metal substrates, and even packing materials. No matter what type of material you order, we can scale our operations to suit your needs.

Beyond our foam manufacturing services and supply chain support, we also offer a wide range of additional services. From the initial manufacturing stages to packaging the final product, we can take care of everything for you. Some of the turnkey solutions you can expect from us include:

Design support
Physical property testing
Upholstery assembly

Fabrication and fulfillment
Fabric backing materials

As you can see, we are more than just experienced custom foam manufacturers. We can produce foam and other materials, assemble your products, upholster it, and even apply marketing materials to it. Better yet, we can complete the packaging process, store your products in our warehouse, and ship them as needed. Whether you need direct fulfillment services or just basic foam manufacturing, you can take advantage of our turnkey solutions today. Contact the GRFT team for more details!