Fabricated Foam Manufacturer

Anytime you need foam fabrication services for your products, you can depend on the experienced professionals at Grand Rapids Foam Technologies (GRFT). We have the resources and knowledge needed to produce fabricated foam for just about any type of product. Whether you are a small business or a large-scale operation, we can meet your requirements while exceeding expectations.

Fabrication Techniques

The two main fabrication techniques for foam production are slabstock and molding. Slabstock is the most common method, where large slabs of foam are cut into the needed shapes and dimensions. Molding is mostly utilized for furniture and automotive cushions. At GRFT, we are proud to offer molded high-resilience foam products. Our fabrication techniques are adapted for applications in a wide range of industries, and we can advise about which materials and methods would best fit your needs.

Behind the Scenes

Although you will always receive high quality, finished products, we like to share the fabricated foam production process with our customers. We start out with slabs of stock foam materials that can be cut and shaped into any type of design. We utilize the latest tools and technology to produce precise results, no matter what type of foam you need. GRFT even offers special customizations that can provide your products with more comfort, firmness and durability. If needed, we can even bond plastics, fabrics, and other types of foam to your fabricated foam.

Reliable Service

When it comes to foam fabrication, don’t rely on anyone else besides the team at GRFT. We have the decades of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction needed to produce unparalleled results. All of our products are made right here in the USA, and we are proud to serve businesses across the country. For more details about our fabrication services and foam manufacturing capabilities, give us a call today!