GraFlex® – The Latest Innovation in Fire Resistant Foam

Here at Grand Rapids Foam Technologies, we pride ourselves on consistently providing high-quality, custom-made foam to our customers. Our company is pleased to offer a wide array of advanced foam technologies, and our product selection is constantly expanding to continue our long tradition of technological leadership in our rapidly advancing field. With the addition of GraFlex®, fire resistant molded foam that uses greener graphite technology, we now offer the same exceptional craftsmanship our customers have come to expect from our traditional HR molded foam along with an additional measure of flame and toxicity protection for those industries that demand it.

About GraFlex®

Considered the next generation of graphite foam technology, GraFlex® turns away from the use of harmful chemical retardants as an active ingredient in favor of a naturally occurring graphite by-product generated from carbon mining. Without sacrificing the comfort, durability, and resiliency you have come to expect, this heat resistant molded foam dramatically reduces the heat release, mass loss, smoke generation, and toxic gas emissions that typically radiate from fire. This is done through the expandable properties of the graphite, which grows to more than 100 times its original volume when exposed to heat and covers the entire burning surface with a “worm” like structure of expanded graphite.

The Advantages of GraFlex®

-GraFlex® meets or exceeds flammability requirements.
-The heat resistant foam is completely customizable and can be molded cleanly to fit any design.
-Our automated processes, including fully automated robotic pouring, ensure both repeatability and a lower overall cost.
-The advanced molding technology used in the manufacturing process allows us provide a range of firmness options, superior comfort, and specialized craftsmanship.
-GraFlex® has a proven track record on many high-profile projects.

The experts here at Grand Rapids Technologies have a long history of providing excellent products and ensuring your overall customer satisfaction, and we are certain that your experience with GraFlex® will be no different. Our high quality, heat resistant molded foam provides durable comfort and long-lasting passenger comfort. Contact us for more information on how we can customize GraFlex® for you.