Manufacturing Capabilities:

Solutions to turn concepts into reality.

Having spent over half a century honing our skills in the demanding automotive and furniture driven manufacturing environment of West Michigan, we offer unmatched urethane foam manufacturing capabilities, maintained to the highest of standards. Our ISO9001/2015 certified facilities provide a complete line of polyurethane solutions, ranging from continuous pour slab stock fabrication (cut foam) to specialized molded foam chemistries, including a complete line of High-Resilience, Integral Skin and Viscoelastic (memory foam) flexible polyurethanes, in addition to our rigid structural polyurethane chemistries. We can provide everything from a single piece of foam delivered to your warehouse, to fully assembled finished products, shipped directly to your customer’s door.

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GRFT Qualifications

  • • ISO9001/2015 Certified
  • • FDA Registered
  • • Automated/ Robotic Molding/Blending
  • • Chemical System Development
  • • Complete Line of Slab Stock (cut foam) Material Grades
  • • Complete Line of Molded Polyurethane Chemistries
  • • Automated Contour Cutting
  • • Automated Compression Cutting
  • • Vertical and Horizontal Cutting Equipment
  • • Complete Value Add Assembly/ Upholstery
  • • Direct Distribution/Fulfillment
  • • Vendor Managed Inventory